Ok folks, here's the deal: Test Pilot Collective cares about the environment, because with no environment, there's no happy graphic designers (or anybody for that matter). Apparently, our president cares more about paying off his Oil Barron buddies than helping to save our planet.

Please email (copy and paste) the letter below to president@whitehouse.gov (cc: protest@foeeurope.org) and help get our government going in the right direction.

Love, The TPC

Dear President Bush,

Please remember your campaign pledge and don't dump the Kyoto Protocol!

Climate change is the number one environmental threat facing the world. People around the world are already suffering from floods and hurricanes which could be first signs of climate change. The United States has four per cent of the world's population but produces 25 per cent of the world's carbon dioxide - the principal cause of climate change. The US has a clear responsibility to act to prevent this threat. We must do so now.

The Kyoto Protocol will cut emissions of the gases that cause climate change. The US must live up to its responsibilities. Future generations will not forgive us if we fail to prevent the climate catastrophe that is threatening the world.

Yours sincerely,
(insert your name here)